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Drill of the day. Sketch the building across the street using rule of three. I.D the angles run a 2 and 3 person hose movement drill at the station, with the noted layout If the building is large, then layout the last two corners before the fire room, and run the drill.

Knee Walk (Skill)

Drill of the day: Wash your hands.Knee walk forward, back, around a corner forward and back, up three stairs, down three stairs. Heel: focus on feeding the line on the ground at all times and straight into nozzle.  Practice knee walk flip in tight space, work past heel on flip Wash hands…


One of the Nozzle Forward instructors is pursuing an advanced degree. He has written a survey that will go into data for his studies, but will also be incorporated into the support materials for the Nozzle Forward. If you have the time, please take the survey. Survey Link

Hose Movement (Drill)

Both technique straight and bight. 2 angles of the three. (Base the specific angle and order of angles off a structure near you.) I.D. the shape, (wider than deep, deeper than wide, or square.) Run the hose with 2 and 3 people without altering.  Then switch angle order or building shape, run it again.