The fire goes as the first line goes, take the line inside and put the fire out.

Aggressive firefighting is the solution, not the problem.

Aggressive firefighting is knowing how and why.

Aggressive firefighting is about making decisions.

It is not about, nor ever has been about us, we swore in to fix their problems.

It doesn’t matter how many runs you have gone on, all that matters is the next run.

Knowledge is power when it is shared freely; when it is lorded and hoarded it is divisive and destructive.

Learning is always an active pursuit and always an exercise of personal humility.

The day you quit learning is the day you retire and if it isn’t, it should have been.

Water boils from the bottom; we, as individuals, are accountable to our communities with the skills and the tasks we have willing accepted.  We can lead from the tailboard, no matter your position we can have a positive impact.

Sweat and smile, we value those things most, for which we have worked the hardest.

We will either meet the expectations of our occupation, or we fail.

Sweat equity is the currency of this profession, who you are and what you are worth is largely determined by how hard you work and your commitment to the job.

The Nozzle Forward is the product of work.  It is a group of firefighters, who use the skills and have committed to sharing these skills. The skills speak for themselves; our voice is the voice of folks who have decided that accepting mediocrity is not acceptable.