Our presence on social media has come to an end. My desire for personal privacy is in conflict with Facebook’s agenda and policy. They have made it increasingly difficult to log in. As in, I can’t right now log in….to cancel… If the community could reach out and let folks know that this spot onContinue reading “Update”


One of the Nozzle Forward instructors is pursuing an advanced degree. He has written a survey that will go into data for his studies, but will also be incorporated into the support materials for the Nozzle Forward. If you have the time, please take the survey. Survey Link


Art done by Matthew Spain, “halfsies” The law of who?No, no the law of Hugh,Just cut everything in two.A.Fields The Law of Hugh, review and practice anything the law touches in the curriculum. The law is based around observations of my young kid Hugh. If you have been through the program, you get it