Andy Fredericks Training Days

Andy Fredericks Training Days is hosted to continue Andy’s legacy of excellent instruction on basic structural firefighting.

This three day lecture series is focused on fundamental fireground operations. It is delivered by friends of Andy who had the opportunity to share in his life work, as well as those he has inspired.


Since 1897 Filson has been the “gold standard” for tough, comfortable outdoor clothing prized by hunters, anglers, engineers, explorers, miners and anyone who has a passion for the outdoors.

Fire Department Training Network

The Fire Department Training Network is a 501 (c) 3, not-for-profit, membership organization dedicated to promoting, providing, and advancing the fireground training needs of today’s firefighters. FDTN carries out its mission through its monthly training magazine, street-smart training books and videos, realistic fireground training courses, and the operation of its state-of-the-art National Fireground Training Academy.

Fire Nuggets

FireNuggets, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that’s mission is to empower firefighters around to world to provide high impact, high quality training and education to members of the fire service at the lowest cost. Our goal is to help create competent, effective, aggressive and efficient firefighters.

Canvas Corners

Canvas Corners is a durable, portable and versatile prop for your department. Engine company operations including stretch, flow and advance or truck company search, rescue drags and carries. Any drill can be quickly set up in any open area from a parking lot to an apparatus bay. With a few sheets of plywood, a couple water barrels and you can create quality training drills anywhere.