*The bios are intended to tickle the funny bone and should be read with a sense of humour.

The following individuals made large contributions to the program but are currently unavailable to teach outside of their company. They will always be a part of the Nozzle Forward cadre.

Matt “Trouble” Runte

Runte has served with SFD for 11 years, the last 5+ of which he has been on Engine Company 25 in Seattle’s Capital Hill neighborhood. He used to have lofty goals for promotion, but since finding his seat on 25’s, aspires to ride backwards for the foreseeable future.

Jim Grostick

Jim is a firefighter for the City of Olympia. He has been involved with the Nozzle Forward as a participant for about 6 years and as an instructor for about 4. He has been critical in the adoption of the system within his region. Little is known about Jimmy, most are too scared to ask, as the sounds of rifles, felling trees, and an occasional shrieking scream can be heard coming from his property. Those that do know him have taken a Masonic vow of silence. Besides the Nozzle Forward, Jim helped craft his region’s swift water rescue program.